A Chrome Extension to Help Clean Up the Web

Free the web of typos, bad grammar and misspellings in 1-click.

3-Steps to a Better Internet

  • 1
    Install the Add-On
  • 2
    Read the web as you normally would.
  • 3
    When you find an error, right-click and 'Submit to TypoRighter'

Here it is in Action

Only takes 10-seconds

Grammar Ninjas 

Hate seeing errors on the web as much as we do? Our extension will help clean it up, automatically.


Our extension is fast and lightweight. It just sits and waits for it to be activated.


TypoRighter will contact the author or owner of the site to get the corrections made.


Submit as many errors as you can and let TypoBot¬© do the dirty work for you. 

Install the add-on, it only takes 20 seconds.

Sometimes it isn't easy finding out how to contact a site or author or maybe you just don't want to be "that guy." TypoRighter and TypoBot© will do the dirty work for you.